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Hi there, my name is Phil and I’m an avid rugby fan. League or Union, it doesn’t matter to me. I just love the physicality of both versions and enjoy seeing big hits, tackle-busts and free-flowing tries.   If you know nothing about rugby and are wondering what on earth I’m talking about, head on over to Wikipedia and read-up on the history of the most beautiful of games.

I’ve started this blog to hopefully help spread the word about the game and attract new fans to the sport. However, I’ll also try to post “off-topic” things occasionally, just to break it up a bit and try to make the site as interesting to as many visitors as I can.

a rugby tackle

What is Rugby?

Rugby is a contact sport played by 2 opposing sides each containing 13 players (in Rugby League) or 15 players (in Rugby Union).  The game is played with an oval ball on a grass field.  At each end of the field is a white line (the try line) with a set of “H” shaped goals.  The game begins with each team taking to the field on opposite ends to each other.  Each team  then attempts to score by placing the ball on the ground beyond the try line at the opposite end of the field from where they started, whilst the opposing team tries to stop them.

A team that succeeds in placing the ball beyond their opponent’s “try line” scores a “Try”.  They then get an opportunity to score a “Goal” by kicking the ball above the bar and between the posts of the goal.

A Rugby Union field

A Rugby Union field

Do you mean to say there are 2 versions of rugby?

Yes, that’s right.  I’ll not give the full history now, but in short, the game began as Rugby Union, played predominantly by the middle classes.  However, the game was also played by the lower class, or blue collar workers, in the north of England.  These low-paid workers couldn’t afford to keep taking time off work to play for fun, so a number of clubs in the north started to charge admission fees to their stadia and compensating players for lost wages.  This caused a conflict with the ruling Rugby Football Union (RFU) who were adamant the game should remain amateur and in 1895, 20 clubs from the north split from the RFU to form the Northern Rugby Football Union, later to be called Rugby League.

The Difference Between Rugby League and Rugby Union Explained

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